You and your partner are made for each other, yet you each have your own personal style. So don’t hesitate to select different wedding rings that best express your individual taste. Then look for a common element: use the same form, the same model or the same color, for instance. With our wealth of experience in designing wedding rings, Saint Maurice offers you a host of different design options to do complete justice to the needs and preferences of each individual. So you have a choice of rich yellow gold, sensual red gold or cool white gold, as well the elegance and rarity of precious platinum.

The different gold colors are available in various alloys with a millesimal fineness of 333 = 8 carat, 585 = 14 carat through to 750 = 18 carat. Irrespective of the carat or grade, all Saint Maurice alloys are 100 percent nickel-free, making them entirely suitable for anyone with allergies.

A combination of several gold colors is becoming increasingly popular. Instead of producing bi-color rings by the classic soldering method, Saint Maurice applies the sintering process. This high-tech procedure, which involves the rings being “baked together” out of different alloys, has the advantage of allowing trouble-free expansion of the ring at a later stage. Sparkling diamonds and a polished, satin or hammered finish will add the perfect final touches to your wedding ring. The internally cambered profiles also ensure that your Saint Maurice wedding rings are particularly comfortable to wear.

Engraving the ring adds a very personal touch to any wedding band. Saint Maurice uses pantograph lasers to engrave your ring with whatever you wish, in the language, font and style of your choice. By using this state-of-the-art technology, a host of different motifs or even a copy of your own handwriting can be engraved on the inside of the wedding rings. It is also possible to engrave the outside of a Saint Maurice ring.

In choosing your wedding rings, you are making a decision that will last a lifetime. Selected jewelers carry our collections as the exclusive agents of Saint Maurice, and they are more than happy to advise you as you take this important step in your life.